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Some recent power point presentations by FAAB.

Is the use of sham acupuncture valid as a placebo-control in randomized controlled clinical trials?
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Some recent video and television presentations.

Effects of minimal acupuncture in children with infantile colic - a prospective, quasi-randomised single blind controlled trial - in Swedish. From the swedish news program - Rapport

27 okt 2008 ... Spädbarn som drabbas av kolik, dvs kramp och smärtor i mage och ... - Efter fyra behandlingar var de barn som fick akupunktur så bra att vi ...
Från svt.se - Rapport.

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Study identifies effective irritable bowel syndrome therapies
Peppermint oil, soluble fiber, and antispasmodic drugs can indeed help people with irritable bowel syndrome, according to an analysis of 25 years of research on the condition, which is characterized by bouts of diarrhea and constipation.
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Needles 'are best for back pain'
Acupuncture - real or sham -is more effective at treating back pain than conventional therapies, research suggests.
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Acupuncture 'deactivates brain'
Acupuncture works by deactivating the area of the brain governing pain, a TV show will claim.
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Dagens Medicin: Ny studie: Akupunktur kan hjälpa mot kolik hos ... 27 okt 2008 ... 20 barn fick akupunktur och 20 barn var kontrollgrupp. ...
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