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 e-mail: info@faab.to
 phone: +46(0)346 36100


FAAB supports the running of evidence based Acupuncture and Moxla training courses and lectures for healthcare professionals subject to statutory regulation. Courses and lectures have been given by representatives of FAAB in Australia, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, United Kingdom, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, India, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zeeland, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and United States.

Members of FAAB publish review articles in Medline listed Journals to enhance the knowledge of the scientific bases of Acupuncture and other sensory stimulation techniques including, vibration, traction, laser, exercise. FAAB is also involved in the scientific evaluation of cognitive therapies, mirror therapy and herbal medicine.

For question relating to educational matters please contact FAAB at info@faab.to